The Livermore Art Association (LAA)  is a nonprofit organization founded in 1957 to promote public interest and appreciation in the fine arts and the fine crafts, as well as to encourage the artistic progress and the development of its members. Membership is open to anyone interested in the fields of arts and crafts.  

Board of Directors & Volunteers

Members of the Board

President - Clark Streeter

Vice President - Christine Watters

Treasurer - Stephen Rodrigues

Secretary - Joyce Moulden

Membership - Diane Rodriguez

Hospitality - Georgia Jacobs

Publicity - Craig Varden

Property - Richard Finn, Walter Davies

Programs & Workshops - Christine Watters (interim)

Gallery Director & LCAC Liason - Peggy Kervin

Newsletter & Website

Newsletter Editor - Norma Webb

Web Content Editors - OPEN


Webmaster - Christine Watters

Open Positions!!

We are always looking for fresh faces to enrich the Board. Check out our open positions. 


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