No Print Portfolio This Month

There will not be a printed copy of the Portfolio going out this month to our members who requested them. Our printer, like so many “non-essential” businesses, is shuttered. Members who have been getting paper copies, will get one by email this time. If someone needs a paper copy desperately contact Norma Webb at portfolio@livermoreart.org.

LAA President's Message

By now, you know about the postponement of the Livermore Art Association’s Spring Art Show in April. It was the only socially responsible action to take in the face of the growing COVID 19 pandemic. But now everything else is closing down for awhile anyway. 

According to the New York Times model, under all scenarios the epidemic will not begin to subside until July, and is not expected to die out until October, at the earliest. The Spring Show is currently now scheduled to occur on November 7th and 8th. 

Unfortunately, these dates overlap the opening of PAL’s Members Show at the Firehouse. We regret that this is the case, and we apologize to PAL for the inconvenience, but the November dates are the only days that the barn was available to us. Hopefully, since the reception for the PAL show is not on the same day as the reception for the Spring Show, and the PAL show will be up for an entire month, our rescheduling will not have too adverse an effect on either event.


An Art Challenge for a Challenging Time

I can't be the only who finds this whole situation has cramped their creative muscle. So, join me for an art challenge. Each Monday I will post a word, phrase or idea here on the LAA website for you to interpret in your unique way. As it is always difficult to work without limitations, here's the basics:

  • Free to use any media - can be a scrapbook page, sculpture, painting, photo, textile, doodle, mixed media ... anything.  
  • Keep to under 12x12x12  (or not) 
  • Take a photo of your piece and email it to programs@livermoreart.org by the following Sunday. Put the name in the subject title, include in the email your name, the media, title (if there is one). I will post the pictures on the Art Challenge Page.


If you aren't already, follow LAA on Facebook and Instagram. Helene Roylance, who is in charge of our LAA Gallery social media, has posting other ideas and interesting websites. She will also be sharing some of the challenge art. Click on the links above.

Looking forward to seeing your art.

Christine Watters

LAA Programs

LAA Gallery Closed for the duration

The LAA Gallery is closed for as long as required due to the Coronavirus. Since this is a fluid situation, we cannot give an exact end date yet. 

LAA Spring Art Show - Rescheduled

The Spring Art Show has been postponed until later this year due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Our new target dates are November 7 & 8, 2020

The LAA board has been following the reports about the Covid-19 virus, and it has begun to circulate in our community. Health authorities recommend that we keep our social distance for the next couple of weeks, and to cancel large gatherings. This unfortunately will continue through the Spring Art Show week. Since many members of LAA and PAL are in a high risk group, we have elected to postpone the event. LARPD has offered to let us hold the show in The Barn the first week of November. Already the name "Spring Into Fall show" is being bantered around. We will keep you informed as we have more details.

Artists who have already sent in their application and check, your check will be returned to you. Thank you for entering the show.

Our best wishes to everyone, and thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up to offer help for the show. We'll be calling you back in a few months!

Christine McCall & Craig Varden

Spring Art Show Chair & Co-Chair


The April LAA/PAL meeting has been cancelled due to ongoing concerns over the COVID-19 epidemic. We hope to see you all in May. 

Special Thanks

The LAA wishes to thank the following organizations and businesses for their support of the arts.


A huge thank you to the Livermore Commission for the Arts! They awarded a grant to LAA to offset expenses for the 2020 Spring Art Show at the Barn. This is a great help to counter the rising cost of our show.   

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